Creators and supporters are able to upload media to the community through their posts. Media includes photos, videos and audio.

In order to upload these files:

Click on the Write a Post area where you will see a drop down option called "Add Content"

Write a Post

Click on the drop down and make your selection. You will be prompted with your OS's window browser to select your file.

After selecting your file, the file will start uploading. Images are relatively quick whereas Videos and Audio files may take longer depending on their size, quality and other metrics. While the files are uploading to the post, make sure you keep your window open (you can navigate to other tabs on your browser but the page where you have your files uploading should be kept open)

You can upload up to 10 photos in one post

4a. If your file is more than 50MB, the option of "Auto-Submit Post" will be toggled on automatically in the Publication settings. If you are still taking time to compile your post, you can turn it off so the post doesn't automatically submit while you are still compiling your post. This ability allows creators who normally upload very large files that can take hours to upload, to finish their post and leave it to upload. Once the upload is finished, we will automatically submit the post for you so you don't need to come back and press the submit button to publish.

4b. If you do not have the "Auto-Submit Post" toggle on, once all the files have completed their upload, you can press the Publish button. All media files are displayed below any text you enter.

Video and Audio files may not immediately be available to view on the post. Once you submit the post, we then have to process the file from our end before members of the community are able to view the content. However, members will not see the post while the media file is still processing. Only you will be able to see the post while it is processing in case you need to make any edits to the post. If you would like to view the status of any video/audio upload for more details, you can do so in the Uploads page within your Community Admin Panel.

If configured, videos and audios uploaded by you or your team can be viewed through the Content Library as well.

Restrictions on uploads:
Regular members - 5 min duration and below 200MBs
Creators/team members - check restrictions per community level

How do I upgrade?

Acceptable file types for Videos:

Acceptable file types for Audio:

Acceptable file types for Images:
gif (please make sure gifs do not have many frames)