The content library is a collection of all videos or podcasts (audio) you or your team has uploaded onto your community. Only supporters will receive access to this section. This will give supporters an easier way to find and consume all media in one place instead of digging through your posts to find them. You can also create playlists to organize the videos/podcasts in your content section.

Where can you access the Library?

You can find the Content Library on the left menu

Content on Web

For non-supporters, they will not be able to see any content in the Content Library.

Supporter Only

How do I control what goes into the Content Library?

The library is only for content that you or your team has uploaded. However, it is also possible to remove (or add something back into the library once removed) videos or podcasts that you do not want to be a part of your library.

The first way is when you are in the process of posting something with video or audio. In the publication settings, there is an option called "Add to content". By default this is ON whenever you attach a video or audio which means once you submit the post, the video or audio will be added into your Content Library. If you toggle it OFF before you submit the post, the video or audio will not be added into the Content Library. (This toggle is not available if you are not uploading a video or podcast)

Add to content toggle

The second way is after you've posted your video or audio, you can control what goes into your library through the post settings. If a post contains a video or audio that you or your team uploaded, there is an additional setting called Content. If the post was originally submitted with "Add to content library" ON, it will be shown as selected and vice versa. Clicking on it will do the reverse action, i.e. if the setting was deselected, clicking on it will add it to the library.

Content Post Settings

The last way is to control what is in your library is in the Content Library. You can remove anything you don't want by clicking on the settings per video or audio and selecting the Remove option.

Remove Content

Please note that "Removing" the content from the library will not delete the content completely. It is simply to remove it from the library. In order to remove the content completely, you must delete the original post that houses the content.