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How do I download my content and live streams?

As a creator, the content that you upload to your community is yours. You always have the option to download anything you uploaded yourself whether it's your videos or podcasts.

Since March 8, 2022, creators gained the ability to download the live streams they stream on Locals. This option is available to Starter + tier communities. To read more about tier upgrades, click here.

Where do I go to download my content/live streams?

Go to your community admin settings
Go to the Content Library tab
Select what type of content you want to download in the "Sort" filter (Videos, Live Streams, etc)
Next to each content thumbnail, there is a download button, click it

You will be prompted with a pop-up to download, leave it open while it downloads
Once it finishes downloading, it should be saved to wherever you normally have your device settings set to save

About Live stream downloads

Downloads are only available for streams started on March 8, 2022 and after
Files will not be available for download immediately after the stream and can vary. Typically it can be from 24-48 hours after your stream has ended.
While it is processing, a download button will not be available and you can see from the status that the downloadable file is processing.

It's available to Starter + communities but if you are currently on the Basic tier, once you are upgraded, you can still retroactively download streams you did from March 8, 2022 onward

Updated on: 26/07/2023