An intro post is a post that you want new members of your community to see at the top of the newsfeed when they log in for the first time.

We suggest a short 1-2 minute video to introduce your community as an intro post for a better first impression.

How to create an intro post?

Creating an intro post is like posting any other post in your community. Make sure you are not posting for supporters only as you want this message to be seen by all members who join your community.

How do I set this post as an intro post?

Log into your Locals community
Go to the Community Admin panel (located under your username menu)
Go to Settings on the left side menu
Go to the Intro Post section
Enter the post ID for the post you want your intro post to be.

The post ID is the number that can be found in the URL when you click on the post on your community website. e.g.; Post ID = 43068

Enter the number of hours you want to display the intro post to new members.

If you enter Intro Post Duration as 1, a new member of your community will see the Intro Post at the top of your newsfeed for 1 hour.

Click Save changes