Live chat enables creators to create a post that contains a chat that occurs in real-time so supporters can chat with the creator and other supporters in the community, usually centered around a topic or purpose, i.e. a Q & A session with the creator.

How to start a live chat

First Way
The first way to start a live chat is if you want to give a heads up to your supporters so you make the post first and then start it afterwards.

Create a normal post


Click on the post to enter full post view, you will see a "Start Chat" button in the upper right corner. Click it and confirm you want to start the chat.

Start Chat Button

Once the Live chat starts, you will enter Live Chat mode and a live chat box will appear on the right side of the page

Live Chat

Users looking through your newsfeed will also see the post highlighted as a live chat

Newsfeed View

Users will not be able to leave comments while the live chat is running, they can only chat through the chat box.

Second Way
The second way to start a live chat is if you want to immediately start it with your post.

Compile your post
Before you publish the post, select "Enable Live Chat" in the publication settings toggle.

Live chat toggle
Publish your post

If the post doesn't have a video/audio that may require additional processing, the live chat post will be available for everyone to see immediately. If there is a video/audio attached, the post will only show up once the media is fully processed so although you will see the live chat is on, only the creator and creator team members can see it the post while it's still processing. Supporters will not be able to see it yet and live chat until the post is fully published.

How to end a live chat
In the same post view, you will see that once a chat is live, the "Start Chat" button is replace with "Stop Chat". Click Stop chat and confirm to end the live chat.

Once you have ended the live chat, you cannot resume it again. All members who were currently chatting will have their chats paused immediately.

When the chat ends, you have the option to show the live chat history or keep it hidden by default. This toggle is found in the same place where Start and Stop chat once was. If you keep it off, anyone who visits this post at a later time will not be able to see the messages sent in the chat. You can turn the live chat history on at any time should you change your mind.

Your post in the newsfeed will also reflect the end of your live chat.

Newsfeed Chat Ended

Who can live chat?
Since the live chat functions as part of the post, the same rules apply. If you have set the visibility to All, then all members have the ability to see the live chat. However, you must be a supporter to actually chat. If you set the post visibility to Supporters only, then only supporters can see the live chat and participate in the chat.

Share your live chat
Similar to sharing your posts on other social media platforms, make sure you also share your live chat. Users outside of your community will be able to see a couple of messages as the live chat is going on (if you post visibility is for All).

Share Live Chat