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What is Content+?

What is Content+

Content+ is a new type of video post (other media may be added in the future) that will allow creators to monetize a specific piece of content such as higher end productions (full movies) or other paid classes for members who otherwise may not be interested in the community aspect of Locals and are only looking to consume a particular piece of content.

It will not be available for normal supporters who are on a monthly plan (or 1-time supports of 1, 3, and 6 months). These posts will only be available to Annual supporters (or 1-time supports of 12 months) or anyone who chooses to make a standalone purchase for that specific Content+ post.

The form of payment that is allowed can be set by the creator, so you can choose to accept both Annual supporters/1-time purchases, only annual or only 1-time purchases. Check section about about Creator Admin settings to learn more.

How to Create a Content+ Post

If Content+ is enabled in your community, you will see this option below the main post input. Click on Content+ and will take you to a separate flow.

The option to create a Content+ post is only available on your community website (ex:


The first step of the flow will require you to enter a title and description for your Content+ post

Title and description will be completely visible to all members (unlike Supporter only posts) since this is your chance to sell the paid content

Step 1

The second step has various fields

Step 2

Upload Video - click this to upload your video. You can check the upload FAQ to see what types of videos are acceptable.
Select a one-time price - This is if you choose the option to sell your Content+ for a 1 time fee. Prices can be requested to Locals if available pricings are not what you need (please note that all prices MUST end in .99 because of limitations from the app)
Video Thumbnail - this is available once you start uploading your video. Select a thumbnail that users will see on this post
Video Trailer - this is available once you start uploading your video. Trailers are shown to users who do not have access to this Content+ post as a way of previewing what the actual video is. You can upload a custom trailer, use the first ~60s of the of actual video or show no trailers at all.
Share Page Background - Content+ has a separate design from normal post share pages. You can decide to upload an image for the top half of the page to place in the background. If no image is uploaded, it will just be a black background. If you have a custom landing page image uploaded, you can also choose this as an option though keep in mind, if you change your image in the landing page builder, this will also automatically change for any Content+ post where you have selected to use your landing page image as the background.

We advise you to upload an image with a 16:9 ratio and also to have it as large of a resolution as possible to make sure it looks good.
Other post settings - these are the normal settings that are usually available to you: allow post tipping, pin, schedule, notify, auto-submit. If you want to learn more, you can read our post settings FAQ.

Publish your post

How does a Content+ post look?

Once a Content+ post is published, it will look something like this to members:

Content+ Post for Members

If a trailer was added, playing the video will only play the trailer. Users will have an option to purchase via the method that was chosen.

Payment Pop Up

Once they have access to the Content+ Post, they are free to watch the video an unlimited amount of times. They will also be able to view and leave comments on this particular post.


Content+ in the Content Section

The Content section will also display Content+ videos to make it easier to purchase

Content section

We will continue to make improvements on this feature such as playlist purchases as we work to roll this out.

Content+ when Sharing

All posts can be shared and for members who are not logged in, Locals will show a special version of the post on a "share page". This is the same case for these Content+ posts with options to purchase visible and available on that page.

Share Page

We highly recommend you share your Content+ post links on your other social media to get members directly on the page where they can view the trailer (if any) and make the purchases directly on that page.

Content+ Settings in Creator Admin

In order to enable Content+ in your community, you must enable it in your creator admin. To do this:

Login to your community website and go to the Creator Admin Panel
Go to Payment Set Up on the left menu
Go down to the Content+ Access section
Switch the toggle to On next to the title
Once enabled, you can also select what type of payments you allow members to pay if you have a Content+ post. You can select either:

Annual supporters and 1 time purchase
1 time purchase only
Annual supporters only

In order to be able to choose one of the options with Annual support, you must be Starter+ in your community tier and you must have annual/12 months enabled. Changes made here will affect all new and previous Content+ posts in your community.

Content+ settings

How can I check my stats for Content+ posts?

We've separated out your stats for Content+ uploads. In the creator admin panel, go to Content Library. Once there, you should be able to switch between Regular uploads (what you upload + live streams) and strictly Content+ uploads. Here you can see how many purchases were made broken down by annual supports and 1 time purchases.

Content+ Stats

Updated on: 18/10/2022