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How do I share posts from Locals communities?

Although Locals communities are private and usually require a user to sign up to Locals before gaining access to seeing everything in a community, you can share posts with people who are not a part of the community and allow them to preview some of the content being posted within the community.

This is a good way to market the community content from Locals on your other social medias in order to spike interest in potential supporters who are not members yet.

How do I share something?

For every post, there is a share button at the bottom of the post.

Share button

You can also go to the post settings and select the "Share" option. Sharing will allow you to copy the link to the post so you can give it to anyone or your can share it directly on Facebook and Twitter.

Share option

What do people see when I share the post link?

For members of the community (and if they are logged in), they will be redirected to the post you are trying to share.

For non-members of the community (or if they are not logged in), they will see a special page that previews the post from which they can Sign Up or Log in to engage with the post further.

Share post

But don't worry about supporters who try to share Supporters Only posts - the content within those posts will not be shared with non-supporters.

Supporters only share

What do people see when I shared directly on Twitter?

When you share a post directly on Twitter, people can see a picture (if applicable) or the thumbnail of a video (if applicable).

Twitter Post with Picture

Updated on: 17/08/2022