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What are tiers and what does upgrading my community plan entail?

What are tiers?

Tiers are levels of feature access and usage your community enjoys on the Locals platform. Because Locals does not rely on advertisements or selling user data, tiers are a way for Locals to offer levels of feature access according to community supporter numbers.

How many tiers are there?

There are three tiers assigned by your communities supporter numbers:

How do I know what tier I am on?

You can see your tier by going to the Community Tier menu item in the Admin Settings. Go to Admin Settings->Community Tier.

What are the supporter numbers that determine my tier and what metrics determine my ability to upgrade?

You are assigned a tier according to the number of supporters, both 1-time and subscription, your community has. When you have reached a tier milestone you can be upgraded to another tier.

Basic Tier - 0-49 Supporters
Starter Tier - 50-499 Supporters
Pro Tier - 500+ Supporters

What are my usage allocations for tiers?

Email Limit

Max amount of emails that can be sent in a month. Community cannot go over this amount.

Basic - 10,000
Starter - 75,000
Pro - 1,000,000

Storage Upload Limit

Max megabytes we allow creator/admin/team to upload in community in total each month.

Basic - 5,000 (5gb)
Starter - 15,000 (15gb)
Pro - 50,000 (50gb)

Live Stream Time Limit

Max time allowed for each live stream started.

Basic - 00:30:00
Starter - 02:00:00
Pro - 03:00:00

Live Stream Downloads

Download your live streams from Locals. Learn More

Basic - No
Starter - Yes
Pro - Yes

Max Video Quality

Highest level of video quality streamed to users.

Basic - 720p
Starter - 720p
Pro - 1080p

Note: Basic communities will only support 144p, 240p and 720p quality. Quality will be shown to the users depending on their internet speed for all tiers.

Annual Subscription Enabled

Community can offer annual subscriptions.

Basic - No
Starter - Yes
Pro - Yes

How do I know what my usage is for the month?

You can see your monthly usage by going to the Community Tier menu item in the Admin Settings. Go to Admin Settings->Community Tier.

What tier you are currently on
How long #3-8 before a new month's cycle resets all usage numbers
Number of Emails you have currently sent out / Number of emails allotted
Number of Posts where the Email notification was enabled. This notification slider is found under Publication Settings for all created posts.
Bytes of Data you have currently used / Bytes of Data allotted
Number of files uploaded - number does not affect usage, only GB allotted
Number of Live Streams started / Number of Live Streams allotted
Total Minutes streamed during cycle - number does not affect usage, only number of Live Streams allotted

When you are have reached your limit for a usage number, it will change to red

What will happen if I go over my limits?

If you have reached your usage allocation or your post will put you over your allocations, you will receive a pop up informing you exactly what limit was reached and that it will reset in the next month.

What are the additional tools (available to Starter + tiers)?

User Permissions

User permissions will allow you to give different access and badges to members of your community. To read more about it, click here.

Email addresses of members

Email addresses of non supporters will be hidden.

How do I get access to a tier above mine?

Though tiers are aligned with supporter numbers, the ability to have a trial period for a higher level can be reviewed on case-by-case level.

If you have reached the upgrade milestones and/or have any other questions, please email

Updated on: 20/03/2024