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How do I set up my Stripe account to get paid on Locals?

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a technology company that securely processes online payments for internet businesses.

Creators are paid through their Stripe account whenever a supporter of the community subscribes. You can either create a Stripe account (or already have one) prior to connecting it to Locals or you can start the process through Locals.

Creating a Stripe account

This process can take around 10-15 minutes

Go to sign up on Stripe
Verify your email
Fill in Information

What are some of the information that Stripe requires during the set up?
Your business name/address (You don't have to be a business to use Stripe. Simply sign up as a Sole Proprietor and enter your address)
Personal information such as legal name, email, DOB, home address, phone number, and last 4 digits of SSN
Government issued ID
Information about your business (if applicable including proof of credit card statements)
Your bank routing and account numbers (so Stripe knows where to send your money)

How do I connect my Stripe to Locals?

Log into your Locals community
Go to the Community Admin panel (located under your username menu)
Go to Payment Setup on the left side menu
Click on Connect under Connect My Stripe
a. If you already have a Stripe account at this point, Sign in

If you have a Stripe account that is currently connected to another business, we advise that you create a new Stripe for Locals as you cannot connect a single Stripe account across multiple platforms.

Connect to Stripe

b. If you didn't create a Stripe account yet, fill out Stripe's form (this can take 10-15 min)

Please note that all of this information is for Stripe and is processed on their platform. This information is not released anywhere else. Locals does not have access to any of this information.

Once you've completed the form, you will return to the Community Admin panel. If you connected Stripe correctly, you will see your Stripe key displayed

Stripe Key

If you prefer payouts on a fixed schedule, you can choose to receive them weekly or monthly in your Stripe account’s payout settings.

Updated on: 17/08/2021