What are tips?

Tips are an optional way for members to show appreciation on other members' posts inside a community. They do not resemble a form of "support" like when giving coins to a community creator as a form of support to gain access to the full supporter benefits of that community.

Who can tip and who can receive tips?

Creators have the option to enable this feature for their respective communities. They can choose to disable it completely if they don't want to introduce the tipping mechanism to their community. If it is enabled, the authors of each post will have the option to enable tipping on their own posts. Anyone can tip and anyone who can post can receive tips if the feature is enabled.

What do I do with the tips I receive?

If you received tips from a post, those coins will go into your Locals wallet. You can then use these coins as support for a community (to gain supporter benefits) or you can also use these coins to tip others' posts.

Can I exchange tipped coins for real money?

No, the coins you are tipped with cannot be exchanged for real money for regular members. This is against the guidelines from the App Store. Only creators may exchange the tipped coins they earn within their own community for real money (this option will be available later). You will also need to make sure that you have a Stripe account connected so that the coins can be paid out.