How do I update it from the community website?

At the Manage Support page, if you are a monthly subscriber, you will see little pencil icons that when clicked, will allow you to edit your support amount or credit card information.

This is only if your subscription is still active. If it has already expired, you will not be able to update the card. You will need to create a new subscription.

How do I update it from

You can also update your credit card information or subscription amount if you go to > Account Settings > Billing & Subscriptions.

Please note that the edit option for payment method is only for updating credit card information, it does not allow you to switch methods (i.e. from Coins to Credit Card). If you want to switch payment methods, please cancel the existing subscription and create a new one using the new method.

When decreasing your support amount, the change will take place the following billing cycle. When increasing your support, the change will take place in the current billing cycle. You will be charged a pro-rated amount depending on where you are in your current cycle. However, please note that this charge will only be made the following month so do not be alarmed if you see a higher charge than usual the following month. This is to account for the increase you made during the last month.