If you would like to Gift someone a subscription and/or Locals coins to support communities of their choice, there are a few different ways to get to the Gift Subscription page:

Go to locals.com > Account Settings > Billing & Subscriptions and click the “Gift Subscription” button.

Go to the community website of a community you’ve joined, just to the right of the newsfeed is a button to buy a Gift Subscription.

You can also just type the URL: locals.com/gift - If you aren’t already logged in at Locals.com, you’ll be prompted to login first and then you will be taken there.

The gifts count as 1-time support. You may buy and gift packages of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months of support to a community (your options will vary depending on the community - not all will offer the same monthly packages). If you gift multiple packages to the same person while they have an active support going on, they will instead receive the gift in the form of coins so they can use the coins to buy support themselves once their current active support expires.

To Start Gifting:

Log in on Locals.com
Go to https://locals.com/gift
Follow the steps on the form
Recipient's email - the email address of who you're sending the gift to. You can also send it to a non Locals member.
From Name - enter your name or whatever you want the recipient to see the gift is coming from
Select a community - this is the community you wish to give a subscription to

You will also see how much coins you have in your wallet at this point on the form. If you don't have any coins, make sure you purchase them first so you have enough to gift someone by clicking the Get Coins link.

Gift package

How many coins to gift - once you've selected a community, the page will load the different duration packs. This is the coins equivalent of the selected community's minimum support amount. For example, if the community's minimum support is $5/month, then for 1 month, it's 50 coins.

Enter an additional message if you want

Submit your gift!

Claiming a gift

Once you've sent a gift to someone, an email will be sent to the recipient. The gift is not activated until they claim it, so don't worry about the subscription starting before your recipient has time to check their emails. The recipient can claim it by:

Clicking on the link in the their email
Logging into Locals.com where they will see a pop up when landing on the newsfeed
Clicking on Claim Gift in their Coin transaction history (unclaimed gifts are listed under Pending at the top)
Going to Account Settings > Subscriptions > Claim Gift

Claim Gift