How do I subscribe from the community website?

From the community website, on the left menu click on “Manage Support.”

After clicking subscribe, you will be prompted to enter your credit/debit card information. If an annual subscription option is available for the community you’ve joined, it will be selected by default, but if you would prefer to have a monthly auto-recurring subscription instead, you can click that option on the left (you can always choose to upgrade to an annual subscription later, if you change your mind).

Keep in mind, if you decide to sign up for an annual subscription, make sure that is what you really want to do before confirming. Once you've signed up for an annual subscription, you cannot switch back or change it to a monthly subscription.

If you already have a monthly subscription with a credit card, and if the community has the annual subscription option, you will also see the option to “update” to annual.

If you subscribed using any other payment method besides credit card, like with Locals coins, Apple Pay, etc. through the mobile app, you will not see the option to upgrade to an annual subscription and will have to cancel your existing subscription and then start a new one in order to see the annual option (if available).

How to subscribe using Locals coins

You also have the option of purchasing Locals coins to subscribe. Locals coins are a type of currency that you can purchase and then give to the community you want to support, instead of paying directly with your credit/debit card. Coins subscriptions through the Locals website are a one-time only purchase, that you pay for upfront for a set amount of time and that doesn't auto-renew. First, click on the "Coins" tab at the Manage Support page, and click on the drop down to select the amount of time you want supporter access. You will see the options for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or (if available) 12 months. You may also see the option for 1 month of premium support (if premium subscriptions are available in that community).

After you choose the amount of time you want subscribe, you will need to purchase coins by clicking "get coins" (unless you already have enough coins). Select the appropriate amount of coins based on what length of time you chose (i.e. 3 months = $15, which is 150 coins) and enter your credit/debit card information.

Once the coins are purchased, they will instantly be added to your Locals wallet. Click "Support" to apply the coins to the one-time subscription, and then you will have supporter access for the allotted time period.

How do I subscribe from

You can also subscribe to communities you’ve joined from - to learn more about how to do that, refer to How to view all the communities I’ve joined.