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Why did I get an error on the app while performing an action?

If you received an error while trying to perform an action on the app (such as posting a comment or trying to save a setting), it is usually one of two reasons.

Error message

Your internet connection is weak. Try switching to data if you are using WiFi or try going to an area with better internet connection before trying again.
The load on the system is temporarily high and may not have picked up the action at that instance. Try waiting a while before trying again.

If you continue getting this error and there is no issue with your internet and this happens continually for more than 24 hours, please contact with the following information

App version (this can be found in the About App page under the Settings tab)
What device are you using (be specific with the model if possible)
What OS are you running (ex: iOS 14 / Android 12, etc)
Specify what action you were trying to perform and if it's happening on a specific community

In the meantime, you can try performing these actions on the community websites or

Updated on: 16/06/2023