What are Share Stats?

Share Stats help creators track and monitor community and revenue growth from posts shared on other platforms. Share Stats work with the Share feature available on all posts and tracks the views, member sign-ups and supporters that result when an external user clicks on a shared post. Visitor data and actions are stored in the Share Stats in the Creator Admin Panel under Share -> Stats

Finding Share Stats in Admin Settings

For more information on how to share posts from Locals, visit How Do I Share Posts from Locals Communities?

What do people see when they click on a shared post?

When a user clicks on your shared post on another platform, they are brought to an external Share Page of Locals. On this page they can see free videos and posts related your community without having to login to Locals.

Because users can see additional content on the Share Page, subscriber only posts work well to share too!

How can visitors become members of my community?

On the Share Page, visitors can click "Learn More" to log-in, sign-up, or give support to your community.

How is the Share Page related to the Share Stats?

When a visitor views your Share Page from clicking on a post shared on another platform, that visit is collected in the Share Stats. If they become a new member or give support to your community within 7 days of viewing your post, that sign-up, support and / or revenue generated is collected in the Share Stats page.

Are members' shares tracked in the Share Stats, or just those made by the Creator and Team?

Share Stats track all shares made by any paid supporter in your community and are easily segmented between "Creator and Team" and "Supporters." You can separately see the Share Stats for posts done by supporters of the community and those done by you and your team.

Share Stats are a great way to track who is sharing your content and what content is most successful in brining in new members and supporters into your community.

What data is available on the Share Stats page exactly?

Share Stats from Creator Admin

1. Filter shared posts by All, Creator and Team, Supporters - defaults Creator and Team
2. Date Posted = date post was originally shared
3. Posted By = who shared your post by username in the community
4. Post = link to post that was shared as well as gives a preview of that post
5. Shared Page Visits = unique count of viewers who saw your post over a week interval
6. New Sign-ups = visitors to your shared post that signed-up for a membership on Locals, paid or free, over a 7-day window from viewing your post
7. Column Sorting in ascending or descending order is available for all columns except Post
8. Supporters = new or upgraded supporters from post visitors within a week of viewing your shared post
9. New Revenue = cumulative sum of revenue generated from supporters. Revenue is summed on single monthly cycle. For monthly subscriptions, one month's revenue is tabulated. Annual subscriptions are tabulated as their full subscription cost for the monthly cycle in which they are purchased.

Because Share Stats are individualized, you can use Locals Share to optimize your social media strategy. It's like your own integrated marketing tool for doing what you do already: create and share content!