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Annual Subscriptions

What is an annual subscription?

An annual subscription is a subscription that will charge a member for 1 year of access up front and then renew the following year as opposed to a month-to-month subscription. Annual subscriptions are beneficial to creators as it provides an immediate and set cash flow to the community so you can have more to invest into creating content.

How do I set up annual subscriptions?

Log into your Locals community
Go to the Community Admin panel (located under your username menu)
Go to Payment Setup on the left side menu
Go to the supporters section
Toggle on Annual subscription/One-time 12 months support and set the price (you can opt to give a discount to those who subscribe annually)
Save changes

Annual Subscription

Annual subscriptions can only be enabled on select communities with 50+ supporters. If you want to activate this, please reach out to

How do I set the price for annual subscriptions?

As mentioned in the steps for setting up an annual subscription, you can choose to how much you want it to cost. The cost is automatically calculated based on your minimum monthly support *12. However, you can also select to give up to 4 months worth of discounts. Please note that the discount months are based on the minimum monthly support, they are not counted as extra months on top of the 12 month subscription. Your members get a savings worth of X months of the minimum amount.

Ex: Your minimum monthly support is $5/month, a regular annual subscription without any discounts would then be $5 * 12 = $60/yr
However, with a 2 month discount, the price to your members would actually be $5 * 10 (2 months free) = $50/yr

How can members subscribe annually?

Members who are not currently supporters

Once annual is enabled, anyone who is a member of your community can select an annual subscription when paying with credit card. (In order for them to have the option to pay with credit card, they need to do it from your website and you will need to have connected a Stripe account)

Manage support

Members who are currently credit card supporters

If you have supporters who are currently subscribed already with a credit card payment, they can easily update it to annual under Manage Support by clicking the Update button.

Update to annual

Members who are currently non-credit card supporters

If your supporter is currently supporting you with another method such as coins, they can choose to subscribe for 12 months using coins either through the app or the website, as a one-time payment that won't auto-renew at the end of 12 months. If they would prefer to pay directly with a credit card instead, they can let their subscription expire and then start a new subscription on the web to change their payment method.

Updated on: 11/04/2022