To set up the moderation level for your community:

Log into your Locals community
Go to the Community Admin panel (located under your username menu)
Go to Moderation > Limits on the left side menu
Select the level of moderation you want
Save your changes

What are the different levels of moderation?

Basic Moderation

If you choose Basic Moderation, new Locals members who have made no or little interactions within communities will have their posts moderated. These posts will not be immediately published to all members of the community and will only be shown to all once a moderator has approved the post. Once this member has earned enough reputation, their posts will no longer be moderated.

Full Moderation

If you choose Full Moderation, all posts by supporters will be moderated before they are published to all members of the community. A moderator will need to approve each and every post made.

Exceptions to moderation: Community creators, admins, Team members, and Super Members

Who moderates the posts?

You and your team can moderate the posts. Locals also has a team that helps moderate pending posts to keep the queue down for you and have supporters' posts approved more quickly.