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How do I connect my Locals community to my Rumble account?

This connect is only for Locals users who have their own community. There is nothing for regular users to connect as the connect is simply a tool for Locals creators to showcase their Locals community on their Rumble videos.

If you have a Rumble account, you can now also connect your Locals community to it so that your Rumble audience can be directed to your Locals community and subscribe.

Connecting your community on Rumble

Once you're logged in on Rumble, under the username drop down, click on Account Overview

Account overview

Click on Account Options on the right menu

Account Options

Go to the bottom of the page to the Section called Locals Community and click on Connect Community

Connect Community

Once you click it, you will be asked to authenticate your Locals account (which is connected to your community). Login with your Locals account.


You will be asked to verify if the account is correct. Make sure that is your correct Locals username.


Once connected, you will return to Rumble and see that your community has been connected.

Community connected

Where will my Locals community show up on Rumble?

Once your community has successfully been connected, there will be a Locals button that shows up on your user page and also on all the videos you post on Rumble, next to the Subscribe button.

Locals button

If a viewer clicks on it, they will be prompted with some information on your Locals community. If they choose to Join it, they will be redirected to your Locals community where they can join and become a supporter.

Locals pop up

It is also available at the top of your description box.


Updated on: 31/03/2023