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Global vs Community Email Notifications

Email notifications can be controlled on a Global level or on a per community basis.

Note that email notifications are set on the web; email settings are not available via the app.

Global Level

If you want to configure all communities that you are a part of to have the same exact email settings:

Log into
Go to Account Settings
Go to Notifications
Set your Email notifications the way you want for all communities

Global Email Settings
Under Global Email Notifications, go down and click the "Reset all community settings to Global Email Settings"

Confirm the reset (Resetting means that all email settings in all of your communities are reset to the current settings shown on the global level)

New Followers and Posts from Members You Follow email settings are only from the global level and are not configured per community

Community Level

If you want to defer from the Global settings for a community in particular you can override global settings within the community:

Log into the specific community website
Go to Notifications (found on the left menu)
Toggle "Match Global Email Settings" to off

Match off
Once you toggle "Match Global Email Settings" off, you are free to control your email settings for this community. Any changes made here will only effect this community. All other communities will either follow Global settings or their own custom settings.

If you want to switch back to Global settings, you can either do a total reset as mention above or simply toggle the "Match Global Email Settings" back on in the specific communities.

If you unsubscribed from an email from a specific community, your settings will automatically switch into a custom community setting - unsubscribing you from that particular email on the community level while keeping the rest of the settings the same as you had on a global level. Any new changes made on a global level moving forward will not be reflected on this community.

Updated on: 01/07/2021