If you want to try and retain a member who has cancelled their subscription recently by providing them a promo code for a free month, Locals can automatically send this out on your behalf.

You can find this setting here:

Go to your creator admin settings
Go to Stripe Set Up
Under the Churn Management section, you can enable or disable this feature

You also have a table that shows you:

How many cancelled supporters you have
How many promo codes have been sent out from this mechanism (this is different from the regular promo codes a creator can create)
How many of those sent promo codes have been used
How many supporters who used the promo code kept their subscription past the free promo


Here's how the emails work:
Email is sent to anyone who cancels their subscription after 48 hours (if they cancel and re-subscribe within this time, they will not get a promo code)
User has up to 7 days to claim the promo code
The promo is for 1 free month (the promo works the same way as a promo code generated by a creator in that they need to enter their credit card)
This email is only sent once per user regardless if the promo was used (so that people cannot abuse this and consistently try to subscribe and cancel to get promo codes)
The code is automatically generated by us and is unique to the user and cannot be transferred to another