Locals is for independent creators to publish content, engage with supporters and make money from subscriptions.

The product has enabled creators to make free communities; however, as we continue to grow and scale, we will focus on our core product.

Starting January 25th, all new communities on Locals will be paid communities. Any free communities started before January 25th will be converted to a paid community.

What defines a "Free Community?"

A "Free Community" is a community where a creator has not connected a Stripe account and therefore does not require its members to subscribe in order to:

View all content
Make posts
View and make comments/replies
Participate in live chats
Access content library

What will happen to my Free Community?

You, as the creator, can still continue operating and posting content as you do now. However, for members to post and comment, they will need to subscribe. IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO START PAYING TO KEEP A COMMUNITY. We only take a cut of what you make off of a subscription.

All Free communities will be shifted into Paid communities. This means that if your members want to continue accessing "subscriber" benefits as listed above, they will need to support your community and pay the monthly subscription. The minimum price if you do not set one in your creator admin panel is $2.00/month.

As the creator, you can provide promo codes so members can get support access for a trial period. Starter communities can also choose to give specific members free access through the Member Lookup in the admin panel. Find out more about user permissions here.

Who gets the money that my subscribers pay?

We encourage you to connect your Stripe account so that any subscriptions made will be paid directly to you. However, if you cannot set up your Stripe right away, don't worry, Locals will hold the money until you are able to set up the Stripe account. Once you do so, Locals will pay you the money earned from subscriptions.

What if I don't connect a Stripe account?

We are aware that Stripe may not be an option or want for everyone. Therefore, we will be adding an option for you to convert your subscription earnings to Locals coins instead where you can use the coins to subscribe to other communities you are interested in, along with more opportunities to use coins coming soon.

I have a paid community. Does this affect me?

Nope, if you have a paid community (where you have a Stripe connected already), this transition does not affect you at all.