Locals currently does not have native functions for sharing your screen or hosting another guest, these are features we will work on adding in the future. In the meantime, there are some alternatives to make this work if you are familiar with 3rd party tools such as OBS.

Please note that we will not be providing instructions on how to use OBS, only how it can be used in conjunction to Locals. If you have not used this tool (or tools like this) before and you would like to learn more about how to use these external tools, there are many FAQs and articles you can read online. You can download the tool for free here.

On OBS, there is a tool called the Virtual Camera. This essentially allows websites like Locals to recognize an additional camera source on top of what physical web-cam(s) you may already have connected to your computer/laptop. With this camera feed, you can configure on OBS what you want to show including things like your browser screen in order to screen share or the screen to a video conferencing tool like Zoom to show another guest on your Locals live stream.

OBS Virtual Camera

Once you are done with your set up on OBS and have arranged the screen to how you would like to show on the live stream, you can click the Virtual Camera button to have it enabled as an active camera source.

Afterwards, create your live stream on Locals and instead of the default camera source (to edit this, click the camera/mic icon in the upper left corner of your live stream on Locals), you will be able to select OBS' Virtual Camera as one of your camera sources instead and the live stream screen will instead switch over to what you have displayed through OBS.

Change camera source

While streaming, please note that your screen on the live stream will look mirrored to you but rest assured that your audience will see the screen you arranged as seen on OBS.